HERO Hideaway

Technical Data:
• Voltage: 12 VDC
Light Source: 18 LEDs
Flash Pattern: 20 user selectable flash pattern
Approval: SAE J595 Class 2
OE Indicator Colors: White, Amber and Red
Optical Warning Colors: Red, Blue, Amber and White
Housing material: Aluminum
Mounting: Flush mount
Connection: 8ft cable with open wires


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   HERO information brochure
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   HERO Vehicle specific application


  HERO install manual

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   HERO Harness for Chevrolet Tahoe

   First Responder Brochure


   HERO Installation Video




HERO, The first patent pending undercover hideaway of its kind!

HERO inserts directly into the socket hole of the OE bulb. This means no more dismounting and drilling of the light chamber - say goodbye to long adhesive dry times - and it powers right from the socket, simplifying the wiring process.

HELLA has designed HERO specific vehicle adapters to provide a smooth and tight fit for a variety of vehicles.

HERO goes above and beyond the standard concealed lightheads by also functioning as the original indicator light. The adapters position the lighthead in the exact place of the original bulb which always ensures equal light distribution and good visibility.

Every HERO model is able to flash in all four warning colors - Red / Blue / Amber / White. So the same HERO lighthead can be used for police and security vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, tow trucks, roadside assistance and construction vehicles.

HERO is designed for Stop, Tail, Turn and Reverse light applications and comes in three different indicator colors - White, Amber and Red.


▪ Please take a look at the Vehicle overview in the download area on the left. In there we added necessary information about the different vehicles, the right HERO Lightheads and Adapters for the respective mounting positions.
▪ HELLA recommends using “Dielectric Grease” to seal the removed bulb socket and protect the contacts from water and corrosion.
▪ For interests please contact us under hero.usa@hella.com

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