UP28 Universal Electric Vacuum Pump

*Note: Dimensions in Millimeters

UP28 Universal Electric Vacuum Pump


• Designed to supplement diesel engines in controlling heating and cooling functions, door locks, cruise controls, trunk release or any other functions controlled by vacuum.

Mode Of Operation:

• The HELLA UP28 vacuum pump requires external control for operation. A pneumatic inlet is provided, while the outlet is integrated into the pump. An electrical connector is used to receive power and ground.


• Utilizing multiple mounting options, both on-engine and off engine, the UP28 vacuum pump from HELLA is a flexible solution for providing high pneumatic-volume supplemental vacuum. The UP28 vacuum pump provides maintenance free, high durability, and demand oriented operation.

Environmental Compatibility:

• Water
• Ethylene - glycol solutions
• Transmission fluid
• Gasoline/Diesel fuel
• Motor oil
• DOT 3/4 brake fluid
• Solvents

Technical Data:

• Operating Voltage: 9-16VDC
• Current Consumption: < 15A at 13V
• Operating Temperature: -40°C to + 120°C
• Operating Altitude: 0 to 3000+ meters
• Maximum Vacuum Level: > 86%
• Vacuum Generation Rate: 500 mbar vac in 4 sec at 13V
• Pneumatic Volume: 5 liter
• Operating Life: 1200 hours
• Operating Cycles: 1,000,000

Part Numbers:

UP28 Universal Electric Vacuum Pump

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