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HELLA Worklights Mobile App

Click below to let yourself be drawn into the interactive world of worklights and experience the variety of lighting technologies with our new Online Tools and Mobile Apps for HELLA Worklights.

HELLA Online Tools and Mobile Apps

HELLA Heavy Duty brochure

Click below to download your own copy of HELLA's latest Heavy Duty Brochure in Hi-Resolution PDF format.

HELLA Heavy Duty Brochure

Welcome to HELLA Heavy Duty!

HELLA and BEHR HELLA SERVICE proudly presents a new line of Heavy Duty products, from Work Lamps to radiators and horns to cameras.  With over 100 years of experience in the Automotive industry, HELLA combines technologies in the field of electronics and LED, to develop a series of products for the Heavy Duty environment.  HELLA: Technology with Vision.